Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the cPro Marketplace app?

110% money back guarantee for cPro Coin transactions
If you purchase anything on cPro Marketplace using cPro Coins, your purchase is automatically 110% covered against fraudulent sellers. If the item you purchased is not as described and the seller is not actively cooperating to address the issue, we will refund you 110% of your cPro Coins purchase price. For example, if you paid 2,000 cPro Coins for an item, the amount of your refund will be 2,000 cPro Coins + 200 cPro Coins extra. Please note that this money back guarantee covers completed transactions in cPro Coins only and doesn’t cover other transactions in any other currency.
How do I use cPro Coins to buy/sell on cPro Marketplace?
Please follow these steps to make purchases or sell stuff using cPro Coins. Please note that you would need a GPS-enabled device to use cPro Coins for purchases.
What is the conversion rate from USD to cPro Coins?
The current conversion rate is about 150 cPro Coins for $1. For example, $100 is about 15,000 cPro Coins and $10 is about 1,500 cPro Coins.
Can cPro Coins be exchanged for USD or some other currency?
No. cPro Coins cannot be exchanged for other currency. cPro Coins is the currency specific to cPro Markeplace, which could only be used within the cPro Marketplace environment. cPro Coins can be used to purchase items on cPro Marketplace or to perform paid actions (such as top-posting) within the cPro Marketplace app.
No verification email.
If you haven't received the verification email, you can request it being sent to you again by going to Settings and tapping the Resend button.

Please check your Junk / Spam folders before requesting a new verification email.
Posting errors. Server is not responding.
Please log out of your account (Front page > Account > Sign out) and log into it again after that (Front page > Account > Sign in). If that doesn't solve your problem, please contact support for assistance.
I forgot my password...
Please open the app and follow these steps: Front page > Account > Login > Forgot password.
Alternatively, you can request a new password at Login > Forgot password.
I forgot my username...
Please open the app and follow these steps: Front page > Account > Login > Forgot password > Forgot username.
Alternatively, you can recover your username at Login > Forgot password > Forgot username.
How to answer a question about my posting?
Please open cPro. Find your posting in the search. Tap the Questions button after you log into your account.
Can I search in multiple cities?
Yes. cPro Marketplace searches in multiple cities by default! You don't need to select them one by one. Just select a general location, and cPro will search in all cities surrounding it.
What are the seller/poster ratings?
To protect you from scam and to establish trust between cPro Marketplace sellers, buyers, renters, and general posters and users, cPro Marketplace provides a poster rating system. You can rate posters you communicated with and see how other users have rated them in the past. If you are a seller, be cordial with your buyers and this will be reflected in your ratings.
Can I ask seller a question before making an offer?
Sure! Please use the Questions & Answers button to ask a question and to read other questions that have been asked already. Posters are notified immediately of new questions and are encouraged to respond promptly.
Are PayPal / Certified check / eBay offers legitimate?
No. Almost all PayPal and Certified check offers, as well as offers to perform a transaction through a third-party website (such as eBay) are scams. cPro Marketplace is a local marketplace. We strongly recommend that you should only accept an in-person interaction and a cash transaction. Please read the Terms of Use for details.
Is cPro Marketplace affiliated with Craigslist?
No. cPro Marketplace is not affiliated with Craigslist. After Craigslist refused to renew license for the cPro Craigslist client app, a new marketplace--cPro Marketplace--had been formed. cPro Marketplace is located at and doesn't use any Craigslist data. All cPro Marketplace postings are unique and can only be found at cPro Marketplace. If you have any questions why Craigslist is not allowing you to access their site using cPro please contact Craigslist, as we don't know the reasons, unfortunately.
Can I use Craigslist credentials to log into cPro Marketplace?
cPro Marketplace credentials (login and password) are unique to cPro Marketplace and are different from your Craigslist credentials. You would need to create a cPro Marketplace account to post a listing or to communicate with other cPro users.
Are cPro Marketplace communications with cPro users different or faster than Craigslist?
Yes, yes, and yes! While Craigslist still relies on the email communications, cPro Marketplace communications are instantaneous! You tap a button and the poster receives a Push Notification alerting him or her of your interest in the posting. Fast and sweet. Finally!
Can I find cPro Marketplace postings on Craigslist?
Absolutely not! cPro Marketplace postings are unique and you can find them on cPro Marketplace only. You can only find cPro Marketplace postings if you use the cPro app or the cPro Marketplace website (
Your question is not covered?
Please email cPro Marketplace support (

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